Light in itself is nothing.. Electromagnetic waves: an endless stream of photons travelling in a straight line. You can not feel, smell, hear, tast or see it. It just is.. and without it there is nothing.
But when light collides with matter the magic begins. Matter comes to life and all beauty is revealed. Colors, textures, structures, shadows, forms, brightness, dimensions…
All becomes visible in the fullest extent of their beauty. We can see each other, see what we do and where we are.
As lighting designers we orchestrate the way light collides with matter. We can not control the light, but we can control the shape.
Light can appear in so many ways: hard, soft, small to large beamed, coloured, direct, indirect, in whites, modest, extravagant, cozy, functional…
Some objects need an accent, others need a smooth overall lighting. The shapes are endless.
Lighting starts with understanding space. What light is needed, where and for which reason. Once we determined this we can focus on the appearance: the fixture itself. The choice is even more endless but it should fit you as a person or organisation, the emotion,  the purpose and the budget.
o no endless pictures of fixtures, namedropping or marketing here. Finding your solution is part of our mutual journey.
Consult us for all possibilities and a serious conversation about light.
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